Messages from the Chiefs

JUNE 2017

The Treaty Team has been working hard at the negotiation table in several areas: to reach an Incremental Treaty Agreement with BC and to complete an Agreement in Principle with BC and Canada. We have been pressuring them to continue to meet their deadline commitments even though there was just a provincial election and other sideline distractions that are slowing the process down. Regardless, of these our negotiation team continues to keep our issues and goals on the table and are pushing for BC and Canada to keep focused on them as well.

Wei Wai Kum, Kwiakah, We Wai Kai and Homalco have reached an overlap agreement, which will allow all 4 Nations to move ahead with their individual Incremental Treaty Agreements (ITA). The hope is that the ITA will move quickly through the BC Cabinet and be ready to bring back to the community by the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year. 

We continue to meet on a monthy basis with BC and Canada, working through the language of the Agreement in Principle. We have expressed our frustrations with both Canada and BC and their processes, which continually set up roadblocks and slow down the treaty negotiations.

As mentioned, we continually pressure them to meet our set guidelines.

In March and April, we did a presentation developed by Wei Wai Kum band member Caroline Roberts. Caroline's presentation set out comparisions of the treaty process to alternative paths taken by other First Nations and what those other options could mean to our Nations. This information was requested by several Band members in the past and was presented at our urban meetings in Nanaimo and Richmond at the end of March and in Campbell River in early April. the presentation is available on this website.

We continue to stress the important of receiving a land and cash offer from BC and Canada. We have made it clear that our membership has lost patience and hope that they are doing the necessary work to present an offer within this fiscal year.