The people


Wei Wai Kum First Nation provides housing opportunities, education, health care information and ongoing support for Band members. They also provide important opportunities for young people to learn about Wei Wai Kum culture and customs through traditional native dance and language classes.  The Nation has enjoyed success with a variety of economic development projects including Discovery Harbour Marina and Shopping Centre, House of Treasures native art and gift shop and the Thunderbird Campground. Currently, the Nation has 757 members of which 372 live on the reserve and 385 live off reserve.


Kwiakah First Nation has 22 members; 4 that live on Campbell River reserve and the remainder live off reserve.  The membership has 12 adults and 10 minors. The Nation's territorial core is located in the Phillips and Frederick Arm region.  The Kwiakah First Nation have decided to return to the territory and live off the land again. The beginning of the 21st century has provided their small nation with new economic opportunties and benefit from the plenty benefits their territory has to offer.