What are our options

What are our options?

Option 1: The Status Quo
The Status Quo means living under the Indian Act system.

  • The Minister of Indian Affairs has final say over everything.
  • Chief and Council are accountable to the Minister of Indian Affairs.
  • We have limited authority over our limited land base on Indian reserves that we don't own.
  • We are dependent on government policies and programs with no guarantee of funding.
  • Others operate our businesses and we are "accommodated".
  • No change in our basic situation.

Option 2: Litigation
Litigation means going to court with either BC or Canada to try and obtain ownership of lands and resources.

  • Litigation is costly and time consuming.
  • There are no guaranteed results.
  • We don't want the courts to define our rights.
  • It will always lead back to negotiations.

Option 3: Treaty
With treaty the WKTS will have an opportunity to define our rights and title as we think they should be. 

  • We will be self-sufficient and self-governing with law-making authority.
  • We will have ownership and control over lands and resources.
  • We can incorporate our own values and traditional forms of government in our own constitutions.
  • We will have ownership and control over additional lands and resources.
  • We will have on-going financial benefits and economic opportunities.
  • We can control our own lives.
  • We can make decisions based on the needs of our people.