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WKTS Treaty Update_Summer 2020

The Wei Wai Kum Kwiakah Treaty Society (WKTS) is focused on exploring different mechanisms to exert our Nations’ interests. Treaty negotiations and participation in various Technical Working Groups enable Wei Wai Kum to maximize self-jurisdiction in areas like Land Code and Taxation. Capitalizing on Land Code and Taxation authority means that through treaty work we are advancing our interests both now and for the future.

One of the “spin-off” benefits of treaty is our ability to support language revitalization and as a result, since 2015, WKTS, in collaboration with LTS (We Wai Kai), has been actively supporting language revitalization and reclamation. Our goal was to support the already robust language programs that were being offered in the communities and at the schools as well as to build the language program overall. Currently, the entire language program is supported by grant money that is actively sought by our treaty team.